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Your feline companion


Hello there beautiful stranger, welcome to my website. Are you ready to make a true connection with another human who holds space for you, who listens to your desires without judgment, who really sees you without all the roles you need to fulfill day in, day out? Are you a dutiful parent and spouse? You can let go of all that responsibility. Are you running your own business? You can let go of that stress. Do you have a boss you don’t get along with? Let me help you forget all about it. Are you the one that friends and family turn to for support? Now you can be the one who gets taken care of.

About Me

I have a sensual feline physique with gorgeous blue eyes and long lashes. My long flowing hair runs down my back like a waterfall. Having you by my side will make you feel proud in any setting, whether you’d like someone to enjoy the opera with, theater, a beautiful concert, wander through museums, try out a new restaurant, or simply wish to enjoy an exciting night with me away from the outside world. My academic background in social sciences, my unquenchable zest for life and my wanderlust make for an excellent conversational partner.

As you know, cats are nightly creatures, so after our wonderful connecting date, take me with you and show me the little nid d’amour you’ve built for us, slowly undress me, feel my warmth, my hunger and my thirst, and stay spellbound until you fall into the most blissful sleep you’ve had in years.


Please, come into my home, step into my study. One wall is lined with books, on the other your eyes fall on a reproduction of Manet’s Olympia and Titian’s Venus of Urbino, hanging side by side. Underneath the paintings you see a large and messy desk, filled with open notebooks, textbooks, novels, post-its with half-finished thoughts written down on them. A big stack of papers has toppled over and fanned out with a black cat purring peacefully on top.

In the midst of this chaos you find a young woman fervently typing. The soft light of the desk lamp illuminates her face. She has serious eyes, a few tiny freckles bring warmth to her snow white face. She has a sharp, determined nose, and luscious lips that halt your breath. Her long brown hair falls freely to her slender waist.

You startle as another black cat brushes past you. The typing stops and the young woman looks up. Can she see me, you wonder, am I even really here?

Yet she looks into your eyes and says softly, “Come, this is your dream, your fantasy, what are we still doing here? Let us run off together so we can feel the ocean touch our feet, listen to a cellist playing haunting melodies under star filled summer skies, taste food so delicious that angels would be jealous–”

“But what then?” you say, “what if I just want to be alone with you, what if I tell the cellist to run off, what if I want the whole night to ourselves?”

The young woman stands up from the chair, lets her dress fall to her feet, and whispers while she takes your hand, “I thought you’d never ask.”


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1 week

Travel Expenses

Amsterdam area

No fee

Schiphol / Utrecht


The Hague / Rotterdam







Within the Netherlands, I require a deposit of €50. For bookings outside of the Netherlands, I require a deposit of 50% of the booking fee, travel expenses paid in full (plus 21% VAT), and a minimum booking time of 12-48 hours depending on the location. Accepted methods of payment are cash (euros) and bank transfer.